The Vast Number of Choices With the Direct TV Channel Lineup

Direct TV has many packages available and the Direct TV channel lineup is easily tailored to the individual customer’s tastes. Packages can be ordered in English, Spanish, or even international language packages. In addition to the language choices, there are many different genres available in the Direct TV channel lineup, including sports, movies, news, and music.

There are several packages available. The DirecTV Choice package features 150 digital stations plus 40 HD options. The Choice Xtra package includes 210 digital stations and 50 HD options. There is also the Choice Ultimate package with 225 digital and 55 HD stations, or the Premier package including 285 digital and 105 HD options.

The options available can be categorized into local channels, premium stations, movies, sports, news, family, lifestyle, satellite radio, regional sports networks and public interest. As expected, the regional options can vary depending on the location of the viewer, but include channels such as NBC, CBS, ABC, CW, PBS, and MyTV. Regional sports networks are especially localized, but some examples are NESN and YES.

There are many movie channels available, including HBO, Cinemax, Encore, Showtime, and Starz, along with many of the complimentary channels associated with each of these (i.e. Showtime 2, HBO Family, etc). There are also many specialized movie channels available. For classics, there is AMC, TCM, and FLIX. Comedies can often be found on TBS or USA, and for something a little more unique, there are channels like Sundance Channel or IFC for independent films.

For news, there are many options available. Popular news stations include CNBC, Bloomberg Television, BBC America, CNN, C-SPAN, Fox News, MSNBC, Univision, and The Weather Channel. Most news stations are available at every package level, ensuring that viewers will be able to find a suitable channel to stay informed about world events.

The lifestyle and family channels are perhaps the broadest categories. There are music channels, including BET, VH1, CMT, and MTV. Several family friendly channels and channels geared towards children can be found in the lineup. These channels include TLC, ABC Family, Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network and The Hub. There is The Cooking Channel or Food TV for delicious meal inspirations, and FitTV to help burn off the calories afterward.

There is a wealth of educational programming available on channels such as Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, NASA TV, National Geographic Channel, and The Science Channel. There is also a wide range of special interest programming geared towards women (Lifetime, Oxygen, Style), men (Spike, Speed Channel, The Sportsman Channel), and religion (CTN, Church Channel, EWTN, Gospel Music Channel, The Word Network, Jewish Life Television). There are many other miscellaneous special interest channels as well, including Travel Channel, Logo, HGTV, TruTV, Military Channel, and Game Show Network, to name a few.

There are also many sports networks available. ESPN is of course on this list, but there are also channels dedicated to various individual sports, including baseball (MLBN), football (NFL Network), hockey (NHL Network), golf (Golf Channel), and extreme sports (FUEL TV).

The Direct TV channel lineup is not only extensive in number of channels, but also in the variety of programming available. Viewers have many options, no matter what their preferences may be. The lineup ensures that there will be something to suit the needs of all viewers.

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To Travel or Not To Travel – That Is The Question

Are you tired of visualizing yourself lying on a beach with a colorful drink in your hand?

Maybe you’re not like me, but I’ve got to say – I am fed up with watching the travel channel… Don’t get me wrong, I love my “Passport to Europe”, and my Anthony Bordaine. But from India to Ireland and from hotel to houseboat, I am envious!

Here I sit working from home, watching my world from a nice flat TV as I get things done. With all the time I spend working I think I deserve a break. I know I’m not alone.

My friends my family – in fact, I can’t think of one person in my life that wouldn’t love a vacation. Of course my lifestyle does come with bonuses. :)

I don’t have to ask anyone for permission to go anywhere. I mean, how much does that suck? My sister and many people i know have to wait for there 2 week a YEAR vacation!

Ok, so the first issue you may have is getting around the boss, so you can take off for a couple days to experience your world…

Alright I know your experiencing everyday, but imagine if tomorrow you are walking down the palm lined boulevard in California with some extra cash in your pocket? – To good to be true now right?

-or – though its not for me – you might have Vegas on the mind, its Ok, I understand.

Give me beaches my friend. OK by now your wondering what’s the point. or you are just ready to close the laptop and head out the door. It’s frustrating to be stuck, for any reason. And most of the world is sick with worry and stress.

I think its time we take back our lives, get over the devastation and disappointment that comes with living someone else’s life and declare our own independence of feeling and thought.

Now is the time to travel, not later! Now is the time to discover ourselves and know our world.

With the inconsistency of life you never know whats coming at you, what your creating or who will be walking into or out of your life from one day to the next.

Take the time today to drop it all and get your toes into the warm sand as you watch the sunset over the endless water. Stop your visualizing and go – drink in hand, to live your dreams.

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Here’s Why You Need to Charge Your Electric Vehicle At Home

It is no wonder BMW is at the forefront in making both stylish and functional vehicles that never compromise safety. Charging your electric vehicle with a home charging station has more benefits compared to public charging stations. With BMW’s electric model ranges, you will experience an entirely new driving experience. No feeling is better than gliding silently through urban and rural traffics. All of this is free of fumes and harmful emissions that impact the planet. Going electric with BMW is one of the best things you can do for you.

While BMW iX3 Charging Station is available in many places and shopping malls in Australia, it is a good idea to invest in home BMW charger as it offers a plethora of benefits. In fact, charging your electric car with a home charging station has benefits compared with public charging stations.

Here’s why you need to install BMW home charging station:-

Save money

Instead of buying battery power from a third-party source every time you need to charge your BMW, it is a good idea to pay a flat fee for a residential BMW charging station and have unlimited energy from the same source that keeps your house warm and other electric appliances running. Of course, you would see a spike in electricity bill. But, you’ll save money by saving yourself from frequent trips to the public station and paying for recharging your car. Home charging stations pay for themselves in the long run.

Finding your home charger is affordable too. There are many electric vehicles charging station providers in Australia from whom you can buy and rely on them for support. There are three different types of home chargers, including level 1, level 2, and level 3. Based on the type of charger you buy, the cost will be anywhere between $300 and $2000.


On average, it takes anywhere from four to six hours to fully charge your BMW with a level 2 charger. Let’s imagine that you need to drive 50miles to attend a meeting and your EV is running low on battery. If you have to wait the whole night, take your vehicle to the nearby charging station, recharge, and then drive. Wouldn’t that consume your productive hours? The same scenario is much more manageable if you have the home charger installed. All you need to do is, plug the car in and go to sleep. By the time you wake up, you’ll have a fully charged BMW ready for the drive.


Charging at home is much safer than public charging stations for a range of reasons, including the safety of you and your vehicle. You’ll have to wait for a long time in the public charging stations to charge your EV, and there’s no safety, especially if you are in the middle of high way.

As you see, they’re less expensive, more convenient and completely safe as long as it is installed properly.

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