What Are the Best Digital Photography Books?

Want to learn more about digital photography? Then you would do well to get the best digital photography books. These books have a few things in common. They teach you a great deal about photography and your digital camera. They are incredibly enjoyable to read. And the love for photography shines through in them. In this article I discuss some of the best books available in the market today which will help you hone your skills as a photographer.Posing Secrets – The Photographer’s Essential GuideA great portrait is an image of beauty. When you want to become better at taking photos of people, then you should consider reading the book titled “Posing Secrets – The Photographer’s Essential Guide”. One of the toughest jobs to do well in the photography business is photographing people. Reading this book will guide you in what kinds of techniques you need to use to do different kinds of shots such as head shots, full length shots, three-quarter shots, or body shots. It will also teach you various techniques you need to utilize when people are in motion, seating, standing, or any kind of pose you will encounter as a photographer.This book will take you to a new level of photography and will give you more confidence in taking pictures of people. Just apply the techniques that you will learn and practice them and you will see yourself constantly improving.The Digital SLR HandbookAnother book you could consider reading is “The Digital SLR Handbook” especially if you have been used to taking pictures with traditional cameras that use film. The book helps you transition from film to digital. It will give you more basic information in the difference of using a traditional camera compared with modern digital equipment as well as information regarding digital image processing. Regardless of whether you need help transitioning, there is ample supply of digital photography tips and tricks in this book and you will benefit greatly from reading it.40 Digital Photography TechniquesIf you want to correct, enhance, or create digital images either for personal or business purposes, then you should read “40 Digital Photography Techniques”. This book is loaded with information that is useful for everyone whether you are a beginner in the industry, someone who is switching from film to digital, or a professional who is simply looking for ways to improve his skills to gain more edge in the competition.When you read the book you will be amazed on how technical concepts are made simple through this guide with its step by step instructions, coupled with clear explanations, tips, and shortcuts. Even if you are still an amateur, you can expect to shoot a professional looking image with the use of a digital camera with the use of this book… And a bit of practice of course!These best digital photography books will surely help you enhance your skills in photography. Start reading and using these books, practice the techniques explained in them and your photos will be so much better. A picture lasts a life time, so you had better make sure that those pictures look like a million bucks!

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Homeowners Insurance in Louisiana – How to Get the Best Rate

As thousands of homeowners in New Orleans discovered after Katrina hit, you can lose everything you own if you don’t have homeowners insurance. Here’s how to get homeowners insurance in Louisiana at the best rate possible.What Homeowners Insurance CoversA homeowners insurance policy covers the following:Your home – Homeowners insurance will pay to rebuild or repair your home after it’s been damaged or destroyed by fire, hail, vandalism, plumbing leaks, or acts of nature.Your possessions – Homeowners insurance will pay to replace any personal property (clothing, furniture, appliances, etc.) that’s been stolen or damaged by fire, hail, vandalism, plumbing leaks, or acts of nature.Additional Living Expenses – Homeowners insurance pays for your additional living expenses – hotel and restaurant bills – when your home is damaged or destroyed and you need to stay somewhere else while it’s being repaired or rebuilt.Personal Liability – Homeowners insurance pays your and your family’s legal fees and court costs when you injure someone or damage their property.What Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t CoverMany New Orleans residents discovered all too late that standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage to your home caused by floods. If you live in a flood zone you need to purchase flood insurance. For information on where to buy flood insurance, visit the National Flood Insurance Program website at: floodsmart.gov.Some policies also place a limit on the amount of coverage they will provide for expensive items like jewelry, computers, antiques, etc., so check your policy and purchase additional coverage if you need it.Where to Get Low Cost Louisiana Homeowners InsuranceTo get the best price on homeowners insurance you need to do some comparison shopping. The easiest way to compare rates is to go to an insurance comparison website where you can get rates from a number of insurance companies.

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Online Display Advertising For Automotive Dealership Owners

Online display advertising provides a targeted and direct response approach that help to effectively target segment specific audiences and increase brand awareness. According to IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, the total Internet advertising revenue for 2009 was $22.7 billion. While online display advertising accounted for 35% or $ 8.0 billion of the total Internet advertising revenue for 2009. The automotive advertisers accounted for 11% or $2.5 billion of total Internet Advertising expenses in 2009. Thus, online display advertising that includes display banner ads, rich media, digital video, and sponsorship links can be effectively used by automotive dealers to target customers based on website context, geographic location, specific demographic information, and user behavior.Advertisement Is Based On:
Advertisements based on demographic information, website context, and geographic location can help narrow down and pin point specific customer segment.Website Context
Contextually relevant advertisements can help automotive dealers to better target the potential customers as they are willingly showing interest by viewing specific themed areas. Automotive dealers can effectively target those customers searching for new cars, pre-owned cars etc on Internet by positioning advertisement based on website context. Also, the website viewers are likely to respond positively or pay more attention to such theme related advertisements.Buyer Geographic Location
Display advertisements based on user location allows automotive dealers to effectively target potential customers in local area, geographic region, or in any specific city. Delivering customized advertisements with proper relevance within a specific region or city generates interest, engages, and attracts potential customers.Buyer Demographic Information
Display advertisements based on specific demographic information like industry, profession, age group, household income, gender etc can help automotive dealers effectively reach to a specific customer segment. Demographic advertisements informing about various offers, coupons etc given by automotive dealer can appeal to a variety of market segment. Display advertisements based on specific demographic information can help grab attention of key audiences and turn them into potential customers.Advantages:
Online display advertising allows automotive dealers to reach a wider segment of customers in a limited advertising budget.Increases Brand Awareness
Effectively employing online display advertising helps to create awareness about the automotive dealer that results in building a brand image in the long run. Positioning creative and relevant advertisements to specific segment help to effectively target potential customers, increase automotive dealer exposure, and increase online traffic leading to higher conversion rate. However, even if the customer does not click on ads, it increases brand awareness about dealer. As display advertising ensures that potential customers get to know about the services and inventory offered by automotive dealers, the next time these customers think of making a purchase, they can prefer and trust these dealers whom they can recall.Effectively Target Customers
One of the key benefits of online display advertisements is that automotive dealers can effectively target potential customers within their advertisement budget. Display advertisements provide a better coverage and effective targeting of potential customers as they can be based on website context, geographic location of buyer, variety of demographic information, and user behavioral information.Increases Online Traffic
Effectively positioning relevant and engaging display advertisements to a specific segment of audiences can help drive qualified traffic to the automotive dealer website. Display advertisements in the form of banner ads, pop up ads, and contextual ads catch the attention of potential customers and increase the website traffic. Also, display advertisement increases the brand awareness that generates more traffic to the dealer website and increases the chances of customer making a purchase.Provides Good ROI
Apart from targeting specific segment of customers, online display advertising increases online traffic and increases the chances of sale thereby provides a good Returns On Investment (ROI). Also, display advertisement effectively targets desired customer segment thereby reducing the ad spend wasted due to unwanted and ineffective impressions thus maximizing the ROI. Display advertisement facilitates tracking of display advertisement campaign by automotive dealers through metrics like clicks and conversions, impressions to better calculate the ROI.Online display advertisements can have an impact on purchasing decision made by automotive Internet users as they provide better consumer engagement. Thus, display advertisements can be effectively used by automotive dealers to increase their brand awareness, online website traffic, website interaction time, and maximize ROI. Moreover, display advertisements also encourage users to conduct search on Internet that increases the website traffic.

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